Over 18 years as a creative, with extensive experience in creative direction, team management and leadership roles. My story begins in college as I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to travel through Asia and produce artwork over the span of three years. This work was largely photographic and graphic driven.  I lived in Kathmandu, Bangkok, and Bali working with small studios. This work evolved into an international brand called Spacecraft. I built this brand over 15 years handling all art, creative direction, product design, marketing aspects and development. The Brand was sold, and I continued to work as the creative director. Soon after we started a Design firm called Electric Coffin (EC), largely working with top tier architects and developers to create a wide range of solutions from branding to complete environments and large scale art installations. Starting and cultivating business from the ground up has given me a comprehensive understanding of the critical relationships within a system and how to achieve success with what is available, and how to build excellence.